Litigation Support

wbj_presentingAt OES some of our most challenging and satisfying work is providing litigation support.  Beginning with pre-trial support where we assist counsel in developing case strategy to providing testimony or serving as an expert witness, we strive to use science to assist lawyers in making a case for their clients.

One of our key roles in litigation support is communication–it is our job to effectively communicate complicated technical subjects to not only our legal team but also to a judge and/or jury.  One way we accomplish this is through clear, concise visualizations.  For instance, our approach to preparing a graphic illustrating air dispersion modeling results is that it should not require a legend, because if you have to take the time to explain a complicated illustration to a judge or jury you risk confusing them and ultimately not having them understand what you were trying to communicate.

Another goal of ours in litigation support is to identify vulnerabilities in technical analyses, both those of the opposition and our own.  For example, certain air dispersion models are better suited for some types of analyses than others (e.g., depending on nearby terrain, types of emissions sources being modeled, etc.), so it is important to understand the limitations of the models being used and how those limitations may affect the conclusions being drawn from the modeling results.  If results from modeling that we perform are being submitted in a legal proceeding we want to be sure we anticipate how it may be questioned, so that the conclusions drawn from our analysis are scientifically sound and defensible.

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