Waste Services

OES has been involved in many aspects of waste management and brownfield issues, having worked at waste management facilities, including municipal waste, residual waste, construction/demolition waste, and hazardous waste facilities.  For instance, in Pennsylvania we were involved in the re-permitting of the then-closed Bethlehem Landfill, the permitting of the first commercial residual waste landfill (White Pines), the first use of a leachate evaporator in the state, the fist soil remediation burner in the state, and the first waste to energy facility permitted after EPA published stringent emission limits for these sources.  We have also permitted alternate daily covers for landfills and have prepared applications to obtain approvals for various waste streams at a resource recovery facility.

We have also worked with landfill gas issues, having prepared engineering estimates of landfill gas generation and participated in projects to beneficially use landfill gas either as a low BTU gas in industrial boilers or in processing landfill gas into pipeline quality gas.

In the area of Brownfields Development, OES has been involved in Act II clean-ups, the development of Buyer/Seller Agreements, and the due diligence evaluation of potential sites for development.