Who We Are

lamisil canada orient Founded in 2005, the OES team consists of people who have served the public sector as regulators as well as people with a long history in consulting.  Many of us have worked in the environmental field since the 1970’s.

http://deskmemories.org/55631-seroquel-cost.html At OES we strive to provide clients with a unique mix of regulatory process knowledge and business strategy development to assist with air and waste management issues.  We provide consulting services for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individually-owned facilities.

zofran odt price appraise While we take pride in our technical and regulatory knowledge, we believe there is one particular aspect of our business that sets us apart from other environmental consulting firms: the streamlined structure of our company allows us the freedom to work with our clients in almost any capacity.  We have worked standard time and materials jobs, we have worked on fixed price contracts, we have worked with retainers, and we have even worked on projects where part of our payment has been an ownership stake in a project.

order antabuse This streamlined structure of our company also enables us to be extremely responsive to our client’s needs.  If you contact OES you almost always immediately reach one of our Principals, and if you do not immediately reach us you can rest assured you will hear from us very quickly.

purchase furosemide online To learn a little more about us we invite you to read our featured Project Profiles or some of the kind words of recommendations our colleagues and associates have said about us.